Shared Research Resources

Maximizing Shared Research Resources

Core facilities serve as an integral component to the research infrastructure as a whole, allowing scientists access to a broad range of instruments and expertise. But a recent FASEB survey found four shortcomings in the way research assets are pooled, distributed, and even made available:

  • Funding and business operations
  • Discoverability and access
  • Ability to meet evolving needs
  • Career track and staff development in facilities

FASEB’s series of reports on shared research resources shares recommendations to help expand this critical component of biomedical research.

Instrumentation: Federal Grants and Programs for the Life Sciences

The right tools for the right job. This report, which outlines federal grants and programs for critical instrumentation, includes resources for shared equipment funding, awards for technology development, and support for core and national facilities.


FASEB Encourages Acknowledgement of Shared Resource Facilities

Shared resources benefit everyone. FASEB affirms the importance of properly acknowledging shared resource facilities, including core facilities, national laboratories, stock centers, and shared instrumentation, in scientific communications. This simple act helps demonstrate the value of these resources and is important to ensuring their continued funding and development.