The Small GTPases in Membrane Processes Conference

May 15–20, 2022

Nova Scotia, Canada


May 15-20, 2022

The first FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) on this topic was launched in 2008 and focused on Arf GTPases. Over time, the SRCs progressively included Rabs, Rags, Ras, and Rhos. This year’s SRC explores small GTPases in regulation of membrane processes, coordination with cell functions, and connection to disease. The sessions cover topics on these GTPases and their partners in cell biology, disease, and pharmaceutical potential.

The conference brings together independent investigators and trainees in the basic cell biology community, translational scientists, and clinical researchers, all who have a high interest in small GTPases in membrane processes.


The conference's main themes are: 1) Small GTPases in intracellular trafficking, including autophagy: from structure to regulation; 2) Coordination of trafficking with cell polarity and cytoskeleton; 3) Small GTPases in disease: from cancer to neurological disorders; 4) Using small GTPases as drug targets and possible cure.

Conference sessions will present the latest research and foster discussion on:
  • Small GTPases in secretion and endocytosis
  • Small GTPases: regulation and signaling
  • Coordination with autophagy and beyond
  • Structure of GTPases and friends
  • Coordination with cell polarity Coordination with the cytoskeleton
  • GTPases in cell migration, cancer, and immunity
  • GTPases in neurological disorders
  • Small GTPases and their machineries as druggable targets

The conference covers nine sessions, two poster presentations, and one poster overview. The “Meet the Experts” sessions, scheduled during group dinners, give registrants the opportunity to sign up for and dine with one of the day’s speakers in a relaxed roundtable atmosphere.

A Career Development Session encourages students, trainees, and early-career scientists to meet with scientists from academia, industry, and government.


Jennifer Lippincott Schwartz, PhD, Janelia
Marino Zerial, PhD, Max Planck Institute presented by EMBO



Nava Segev, PhD

Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago


Rytis Prekeris, PhD

Professor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus


Peter McPherson, PhD

Professor, McGill University

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