The 2nd Acute Kidney Injury Conference: From Bench to Bedside

May 14–18, 2022
Banff, Canada


May 14-18, 2022

This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) was first convened in 2019 with a focus on increasing and developing scientific interactions and collaborations across the bench-to-bedside divide. This forum is to help develop a pipeline of investigators trained to think in a more translational way about the problem of acute kidney injury (AKI).

The conference brings together basic, translational, and clinical scientists—including trainees, early stage, and established investigators—from academia, industry, and government involved in acute kidney injury research.


The conference's main themes are: 1) Clinical and molecular phenotyping of patients with AKI; 2) Systems biology and network analysis; 3) Mechanisms of AKI, and AKI to CKD transition; 4) Experimental modeling of human disease; 5) AKI drug development; 6) Patient advocacy.

Conference sessions will present the latest research and foster discussion on:
  • Human tissue interrogation in AKI
  • Race, sex, and genetics of AKI
  • Patient perspectives Pediatric AKI
  • Sepsis-associated AKI
  • New therapeutics for AKI
  • AKI to CKD transition
  • Preclinical modeling

The conference covers 11 sessions with three abstract sessions (two oral, one poster) and a discussion addressing imposter syndrome and unconscious bias in research. Specifically for trainees (graduate students, post-doctoral and clinical fellows, and mentored junior faculty), the program features a “Meet the Mentor” session with selected conference speakers, and the opportunity to pre-register for and participate in Career Discussion Groups. Additional opportunities for networking include two receptions, two dinners, and optional planned group excursions to explore Banff National Park.

Keynote Lecture

Joseph Loscalzo MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School - “Systems Biology and Biological Networks in Human Disease.”



Mark De Caestecker, MBBS, PhD

Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Neil Hukriede, PhD

Professor, University of Pittsburgh


Neesh Pannu, MD

Professor, University of Alberta


Stuart Goldstein, MD

Professor and Director, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center


Kathleen Liu, MD, PhD

Professor, University of California, San Francisco


Raymond Harris, MD

Professor and Director, Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Kelly Hyndman

Kelly Hyndman, Assistant Professor


Edward Siew, MD

Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Registration Fees

Advance Registration is available until May 31, 2022
Students: $949
Invited Speakers: $1009

Regular registration fess start on June 1, 2022
Students: $1099
Invited Speakers: $1099