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About the Series

Hosted by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), the Science Research Conference (SRC) Series attracts over 3,000 scientists each year, offering research-driven programming, career development, and networking opportunities.

The series features over 30 conferences each year, focusing on an in-demand topic area for professionals in the biological and biomedical workforce.

Why You Should Support

  • Foster Scientific Innovation
    Support conferences that engage scientists in discussion and resource sharing to help transform cutting-edge research in scientific breakthroughs.
  • Advance Diveristy in Science
    Support conference scholarship program to promote greater access for underrepresented minorities, women, and junior scientists to attend the Series.
  • Gain Direct Access to Scientists
    Increase brand visibility among thousands of research professionals representing conference attendees, speakers, and organizers.
  • Choose a Sponsorship for Your Needs
    Select from a variety of sponsorship plans, including packages and itemized benefit options.

All opportunities are negotiable and other opportunities are available. Please contact Brent Ramsey, Grants Proposal Manager, at FASEB for more information or to sponsor.