Other Publications and Reports

FASEB Webinar - "After Election Day: What’s Next for Research Funding?"

Physician Scientists: Assessing the Workforce by Howard H. Garrison and Anne M. Deschamps, PhD

FASEB's "Make Your Voice Heard" webinar YouTube video and presentation

Energizing & Investing in the Future of Science: NIH Summer Research Program Immerses High School Students, Undergraduates, and Teachers in Science by Jennifer Hobin and Anne Deschamps

A worthy goal-but still misguided by Mark Lively and Carrie Wolinetz

Stimulating Science Education: NIH Summer Research Program Engages Students and Teachers in Science by Jennifer A. Hobin

Animal-rights terrorism threatens life-saving medical research Salt Lake City Tribune by Robert Palazzo and Carrie Wolinetz

Shared Responsibility, Individual Integrity: Scientists Addressing Conflicts of Interest in Biomedical Research

What's happening to the new investigator? The FASEB Journal by Howard Garrison and Robert Palazzo

Gaining, Training and Retaining Physician Scientists Should Be a National Priority Op Ed by Bruce R. Bistrian

Foreign postdocs: the changing face of biomedical science in the U.S. by Howard Garrison, Andrea Stith and Susan Gerbi

The NIH Budget in the "Postdoubling" Era by David Korn, Robert Rich, Howard Garrison, et al.

Research Equipment and Resource Requirements of NIH-Supported Investigators: An Assessment of Current Conditions and Recommendations for Future Funding and Programs by Tamara Zemlo, Howard Garrison, et al.

In an Era of Scientific Opportunity, Are There Opportunities for Biomedical Scientists? by Howard H. Garrison, Susan Gerbi, and Paul Kincade

Increased Funding for NIH: A Biomedical Science Perspective 1998 by William Brinkley, Jeremy Wood and Howard Garrison

The Physician-Scientist: Career Issues and Challenges at the Year 2000 The FASEB Journal 2000;14:221-230 by Tamara Zemlo, Howard Garrison, Nicola Partridge and Timothy Ley

A Profile of the Members of FASEB Societies: NIH Awards, Degrees, and Institutional Affiliations, 1999 By Howard Garrison, Siddhartha Lahiri and David Stephens

The Report of the FASEB Consensus Conference on Graduate Education

Education and Employment Patterns of U.S. Ph.D.'s in the Biomedical Sciences by Howard Garrison and Susan Gerbi

Science, Technology and the Federal Government: Comments on a Recent NAS Report by Howard Garrison

A Few Basic Economic Facts About Research in the Medical and Related Life Sciences by Samuel Silverstein, Howard Garrison and Stephen Heinig

NIH Awards to Individual Members of FASEB Societies: An initial examination by Howard Garrison and Stephen Heinig


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