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FASEB represents more than 130,000 scientists and engineers through collaborative advocacy with constituent societies. Our top priority is urging Congress to provide sustainable and predictable federal funding for scientific research.

But it’s not enough for organizations like FASEB to advocate for science—policymakers want to hear from constituents, too. There are many ways to deliver messages, ranging from privately meeting your legislator to attending a campaign event or town-hall meeting.

The White House recently proposed significant cuts to the budgets for federal science agencies, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Join our advocacy efforts to fight the cuts and ensure the U.S. continues to be a hub for innovation and scientific discovery. The resources below provide a set of practical tools and actions you can take to communicate with elected officials and the public.

Your Advocacy Toolkit

Request a meeting
Meeting with federal lawmakers is a good way to advocate for scientific research

Plan a congressional visit
Do your homework to effectively engage policymakers

Share your story
Tell a personal story and provide specific examples of how your research improves public health or economic vitality 

Write to Congress
Checking in after a meeting is a critical next step in forming a good relationship with members of Congress and staff 

Attend a local meeting
When there is limited time to present your case, it’s important to be prepared

Get the word out
Newspaper commentaries and letters-to-the-editor are widely read by elected officials, their aides, and the public 

Connect on social media
Social media has changed the way the public communicates with policymakers. Join the conversation  

Legislative action center
Sign up to receive alerts about important science policy issues 

Host a lab visit
Invite officials to see your research in person





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