Frequently Asked Questions


How can I submit?
Contestants may enter the competition after July 15 by submitting original photographs, illustrations, data visualizations, or videos that were produced as part of a research project. FASEB will select winning images and videos across four categories:

  • Fluorescence or Electron Microscopy
  • All Other Life Science Images
  • Video
  • 3D Printing

How do I submit my 3D-printed object?
Please submit an image or photograph of the 3D-printed object, not the object itself. We welcome entries that employ any type of “ink” – from plastic filaments to plaster, cells, and other substrates. Submitted images may depict objects that were modified after printing, such as with paint or immunofluorescence to color specific features. For 3D-printed objects made with non-living, stable substrates, please be prepared to provide the original STL, WRL, or equivalent file upon request.

What types of media can be submitted?

FASEB is looking for visually compelling images or videos produced during the course of daily life science research activities (e.g., electron microscopy, fluorescent microscopy, medical/anatomical illustrations, x-ray crystallography, MRI, histology, gel electrophoresis, data visualizations, structural and pathway illustrations, etc.). 

None of the previous winners used the imaging technique I use. Should I still submit my image to FASEB’s BioArt competition?

Yes; if your image fits the criteria described on the website, please submit it. Researchers in any biological field producing any type of visually compelling images or videos are encouraged to participate. We want to share the large spectrum of research with the public, so the greater variety, the better!

Why are there four categories?

FASEB aims to highlight the diversity and breadth of life science research through the BioArt competition. With three image categories, FASEB hopes to encourage entries representing a wide range of imaging technologies and research topics.

What types of videos can I submit?

Any video that is created as part of daily research activities or to illustrate research results can be submitted (e.g., chemotaxis, time-lapse photography, cultured cardiac cells “beating,” enzymatic activity animations, other data visualizations, etc.).

What are the submission deadlines?

  • Competition start:               July 15, 2021
  • Submission deadline:         August 31, 2021
  • Notification of winners:       October 29, 2021

How will I know if my video or image has been selected as a winner? 

FASEB will notify all entrants by email once judging is completed. Sign up to receive future contest notifications