Publication Fulfillment Services

FASEB provides efficient publication fulfillment services to help ensure timely delivery, excellent customer service, and satisfied customers . These services are available as part of a comprehensive publications program or as individually contracted services.

Subscription Services

  • Process subscription orders  
  • Manage subscription renewal programs
  • Mass bill, collect and disburse subscription revenue
  • Coordinate strip lists for print and online subscription
  • Process back issues orders
  • Handle claims
  • Provide online subscription support
  • Provide subscriber reports
  • Provide subscription customer service support

Issues and Book Sales

  • Process orders
  • Manage order fulfillment both on and off site
  • Provide sales report
  • Provide customer support

Request for Proposal

For more information about our publication fulfillment services or any of our other association management services, please fill out our online RFP, contact us at management@faseb.org or call 301.634.7213.