Publication Services for Scientific Journals, Press Releases & Advertisements

FASEB not only produces The FASEB Journal, a highly recognized and cited scholarly life sciences journal, but also offers its unique expertise to societies and organizations through a variety of publication services. We understand the distinction between scientific and private publications and are able to expertly tailor to those of a scientific nature. Whether the task involves managing the peer review process for a journal, reviewing the final proofs of a directory, or securing lucrative advertising space, our clients benefit from FASEB’s vast industry experience, relationships, and cost-saving solutions.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff comes from a broad range of specialized professions, including public relations, advertising sales, library management, and journal production. We use this versatile knowledge to provide excellent customer service and consultancy. We help clients produce publications, generate revenue, and increase sales through the creation and identification of exceptional editorial products.

Save Money:

  • Online and print production based on your needs

Save the Hassle:

  • Publications management
  • Peer review process management from start to finish
  • Editorial services from editor selection through production to help organizations publish materials efficiently and cost effectively
  • Meeting programs, abstracts, and directories tailored to match specific needs in a seamless publication process

Gain Exposure and Generate Revenue:

  • Press release programs
  • Subscription sales and fulfillment services
  • Advertising sales

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Request for Proposal

For more information about our full service publication management or any of our other association management services, please fill out our online RFP, contact us at management@FASEB.org or call 301.634.7213.