Anthony M. Coelho, Jr., PhD

Anthony M. Coelho, Jr., Ph.D.

Dr. Anthony M. Coelho, Jr. founded Grant Success Associates after retiring from 15 years of service as a senior administrator at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

During his 15 years at the NIH, Dr. Coelho served as the NIH Review Policy Officer for eight years and the previous seven years as the Chief of the Clinical Studies and Training Review at the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. As NIH Review Policy Officer, Dr. Coelho was as a member of the Office of the Director of NIH, Office of Extramural Research, Office of Extramural Programs at NIH. Dr. Coelho was responsible for developing and implementing regulations, policies, procedures, methods, and guidance documents, governing all NIH extramural peer review functions to ensure standard approaches to the peer review of grants, cooperative agreements and Research and Development contracts. During 2005, Dr. Coelho also served as the Acting Director of the Office of Federal Advisory Committee Policy which is responsible for the overall policy and management all peer review and advisory council committees at the NIH.

In the 18 years prior to joining NIH, Dr. Coelho held positions at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research in San Antonio as Scientist in the Department of Physiology and Medicine, Director of the Laboratory of Behavioral Medicine and Director of the Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine Research Training Program . He also held positions as a Professor in the Department of Surgery/Neurosurgery, Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, and Associate Professor in the Department of Dental Diagnostics Sciences at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio.

Dr. Coelho was the recipient of more than 18 years of continuous grant and contract funding from the NIH and other federal agencies and more than 50 peer reviewed publications. Prior to joining the NIH, Dr. Coelho served for 12 years as a peer reviewer of grants and contracts for NIH and other federal agencies.

Dr. Coelho’s biography is listed in American Men and Women of Science, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Education, Who's Who in Business and Finance, Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, Who’s Who in the East, Who's Who in the South and Southwest, Who's Who in the World, and Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America.


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