Public Service Award

The FASEB Public Service Award is given periodically, in order to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cause of biomedical or biological research through their work in government, public affairs, the media, the law, the arts, or related fields. The award process is currently being updated and the new guidelines will be posted after Board approval.



FASEB presents its 2018 Public Service Award to Howard Garrison, PhD, for his outstanding accomplishments in the communication of science. His ability to convey the excitement, achievements, and promise of biomedical research to the general public has benefited the scientific community. Garrison, pictured on the left with FASEB President Thomas O. Baldwin, PhD, will retire from FASEB after 25 years of distinguished service.

“Howard’s passionate advocacy for increased federal funding for science, commitment to science policy, and ability to convey the excitement and promise of biological research to policymakers and the public has created a legacy of accomplishments few others have achieved,” said Baldwin as he presented the award to Garrison. “Thanks to his leadership, FASEB is now recognized as the policy voice of biological and biomedical researchers.”

Director of the FASEB Office of Public Affairs, Garrison leads FASEB’s efforts in advocacy, government affairs, and policy analysis. FASEB’s initiatives have helped shape policies at the NIH, as well as numerous pieces of legislation on Capitol Hill.

“The entire biological science research community has benefited from Howard’s wisdom and experience,” concluded Baldwin in his remarks to reception guests.

The FASEB Public Service Award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the cause of biological and medical research through their work in government, public affairs, journalism, science policy, or related fields.  Previous recipients include NIH Director Dr. James A. Shannon; former Deputy Directors Drs. Ruth L. Kirschstein and Raynard S. Kington; Senators Roy Blunt, Arlen Specter, and Tom Harkin; and Representatives Tom Cole, John Porter, David Obey, and Michael Castle.

Past Recipients

  • 2017 - Francis Collins, MD, PhD, Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • 2016 - Tom Cole, U. S. Representative, and Roy Blunt, U.S. Senator, Chairmen of the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Related Agencies
  • 2012 - Frank M. Cushing (Posthumously), former Staff Director of the House Appropriations Committee
  • 2010 - Raynard Kington, MD, PhD Deputy Director, NIH
  • 2009 - Congressman David Obey, former Chairman of the Appropriations Committee
  • 2006 - Michael Castle, U.S. Representative
  • 2005 - Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives and Dianne Feinstein, U. S. Senator
  • 2000 - Connie Mack, U.S. Senator
  • 1999 - Arlen Specter, U.S. Senator and Tom Harkin, U. S. Senator
  • 1997 - Nancy Kassebaum Baker, Former U.S. Senator and Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Representative
  • 1996 - Mark Hatfield, U.S. Senator and John Porter, U.S. Representative
  • 1994 - Dr. Howard Schachman, University of California Berkeley Biochemist and Spokesman for Bench Scientists
  • 1993 - Dr. Ruth L. Kirschstein, Deputy Director of NIH
  • 1992 - Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, Speaker of the House and Silvio Conte, U.S. Representative (posthumous)
  • 1991 - Katie McCabe, Author
  • 1990 - Dr. Frederick K. Goodwin, ADAMHA Director and Dr. C. Everett Koop, U.S. Surgeon General
  • 1989 - Dr. James Wyngaarden, NIH Director
  • 1988 - Dr. Lewis Thomas, Physician and Writer and Dr. James A. Shannon, NIH Director
  • 1987 - Ann Landers, Columnist and Mary Lasker, Philanthropist
  • 1986 - Lowell P. Weicker, U.S. Senator and William Natcher, U.S. Representative