Mechanism and Regulation of Prokaryotic Transcription

Conference Summary

This SRC will focus on the process of transcription in prokaryotes, from structure/function investigations to transcription networks and system level regulation.  In all organisms, controlling the process of transcription is fundamental to gene expression, gene regulation, and development.  RNA polymerase, which transcribes genomic DNA into RNA, is the complex protein machine that performs transcription.  Additional factors that alter initiation, elongation, or termination of transcription program an amazing variety of developmental pathways.  Biochemical and genetic investigations of transcription regulation have a long history of revealing the myriad ways that gene expression can be controlled.  In recent years this work has been augmented by the availability of atomic-level structures of prokaryotic and eukaryotic RNA polymerases and transcription factors in combination with systems-wide profiling of gene regulatory events.  Together this work has revealed that many similar structure-function relationships underlie the workings of the transcriptional machinery from the simplest bacterium to a human cell.  Attendees can expect exciting sessions on RNA polymerase structural biology, mechanisms that control initiation, elongation, and termination, regulation of transcription in pathogens, RNA-based control, transcriptional networks, and connections between cell topology and gene expression.

Since its inception in 1991, this SRC has been held biannually at the Vermont Academy in Saxtons River, VT. It is now considered to be the premier meeting in the field of prokaryotic transcription, and we are very proud of the fact that there is so much collegiality and a broad age range at this conference. Approximately half of the speakers are chosen from submitted abstracts and the lively poster sessions are always well-attended by all participants.  There will be many opportunities for participants to meet new friends and foster new collaborations.

Program Agenda

Important Deadlines: Early Bird: May 14, 2017        Last Day to Register: May 25, 2017



  • Keynote address “Bacterial and Eukaryotic Transcription”
  • Career Development Workshop
  • Lightning round for poster presenters

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Sankar Adhya
National Cancer Institute

Dr. Joan Conaway
Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Conference Organizers

Deborah Hinton
National Institutes of Health

Elizabeth Campbell
The Rockefeller University

Eduardo Groisman
Yale University

Conference Staff

Trina Eacho, Conference Coordinator

Pippa O'Shea, Conference Assistant

Contact us:
Email: src@faseb.org
Phone: 1.301.634.7010

Date & Location

Date: June 25-30, 2017
Horowitz Performing Arts Hall and Nita Choukas Theater
10 Long Walk
Saxtons River, VT

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Vermont Academy in Saxtons River, Vermont is 130 miles from Logan International Airport (BOS) in Boston, Massachusetts and 110 miles from Bradley International Airport (BDL) near Hartford, Connecticut.

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The sleeping rooms at Vermont Academy are dormitory style rooms with shared bathrooms. The rooms are not air conditioned, but fans are provided. You may request a key for your room; however, a $20 refundable deposit is required.

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