Immunological Aspects of Obesity

Conference Summary

This FASEB Conference focuses on the interactions between obesity and immune cells, focusing in particular on how inflammation in various organs influences obesity and obesity-related complications. Obesity, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes have increased at epidemic proportions over the past several decades. Our understanding of adipose tissue has evolved greatly, even as this epidemic continues to rage. Once considered to be primarily a fuel storage organ, adipose tissue is now known to have a number of endocrine actions and immunomodulatory properties. While adipocytes make up the bulk of adipose tissue by volume, this tissue is also home to a variety of immune cells which interact in a complex interplay of cytokines and contact-mediated interactions. These processes modulate immunological and inflammatory processes throughout the body, resulting in large effects on whole body physiology. Importantly, the immunological and inflammatory influences of obesity likely contribute to many of the obesity-associated complications, such as insulin resistance, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. 

In this context, the organizers have brought together a wide and diverse range of leaders in the fields of immunology, inflammation, and obesity, to share their latest findings on this evolving field. Individual sessions will focus on the separate roles of adaptive and innate immunity in immunometabolism; how obesity affects inflammation in organs such as the gut, the brain, and the liver; how inflammation develops with aging, and how it resolves; and how obesity-related inflammation promotes cancer. There will be opportunity for poster presentations and social and recreational activities, to promote discussion and networking amongst attendees, including students and post-doctoral fellows.

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Important Deadlines:   Early Bird: June 16, 2016         Last Day to Register: July 1, 2016  


  • Networking with experts in rapidly emerging field.
  • Short talks selected from submitted abstracts.
  • Selected “Poster Session Chalk Talks"

Keynote Speakers

Philipp Scherer
University of Texas, Southwestern

Conference Organizers

Barbara Nikolajczyk
Boston University

Alyssa Hasty
Vanderbilt University

Steven D. Mittelman
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
University of Southern California


Conference Staff

Trina Eacho, Conference Coordinator
Pippa O'Shea, Conference Assistant

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Email:  src@faseb.org   Phone: 1.301.634.7010 

Date & Location

Date: July 31-August 5, 2016
Location: Mountain Mall, Mammoth Room
                 50 Big Sky Resort Road
                 Big Sky, MT

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Huntley Lodge
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