COI Toolkit

Recommendations, tools, and resources for the conduct and management of financial relationships between academia and industry in biomedical research



List of Tools


Points for consideration about institutional requirements for the oversight and management of academic-industry relationships in biomedical research produced by FASEB (PDF): Tool to promote awareness of institutional policies when participating in an academic-industry relationship

Points for consideration in academic-industry agreements produced by FASEB (PDF): Tool to promote awareness of important terms in academic-industry agreements

Model patient disclosure language developed through a study by Weinfurt et al, 2007 (PDF)

Sample wording for disclosure of financial interests in publications from Blackwell Publishing

Funding and disclosure slide template produced by FASEB (PPT): Investigators can use this template PowerPoint to disclose funding and industry relationships their own research presentations

"Who-to-contact" card produced by FASEB (Microsoft Word): A template for institutional contacts on industry relationships and technology transfer that investigators and institutions can use as a quick reference 

Points for discussion of academic-industry relationship issues with trainees produced by FASEB (PDF): Discussion questions for mentors and trainees in cases in which trainees may be engaged in research in which the PI has an outside financial interest

Guidance for Journals Developing or Revising Policies on Conflict of Interest, Disclosure, or Competing Financial Interests from the Council of Science Editors (PDF)

Points to Consider for Scientific and Professional Association Conflict of Interest Policies: Guidance and resources for associations developing or modifying policies and practices for COI of the association and members (PDF)