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FASEB is a non-profit, (501(c)3) tax-exempt federation of 26 societies.  Each year, a series of science research conferences are held where experimental biologists meet in small groups to explore new approaches to current research.  Emphasis is on cutting-edge life science.  These conferences are supported by conference fees, non-government, and government grants.

International and U.S. scientists attending an SRC rely on financial support in order to participate.  Contributions from industry and private sources help conference organizers subsidize the expenses of junior trainees as well as invited speakers who might not otherwise be able to attend due to financial difficulty.

Funding of FASEB SRC helps to contribute to the overall advancement of biomedical research.  In return, FASEB provides a number of Corporate Support Opportunities.


How to Support the SRC

Please send checks to:

Sherri-Gae Scott, Ph.D.
FASEB Science Research Conferences
9650 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20814-3998

If you are an organizer and have questions about sponsorship, grants or funding your conferences in general, please contact Sherri-Gae Scott by email at sgscott@faseb.org.

Please provide any stipulations for the administration of the funds. If the contribution may be used at the discretion of the Chair, it must be specifically stated. FASEB accepts credit card payments and wire transfers.

2014 FASEB SRC Conferences

Please contact the SRC Office if you would like a copy of the FASEB W-9 Form or instructions on wire transfers.

FASEB Tax ID Number: 52 0700 497


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