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Submit a Proposal for a Science Research Conference

Organizing meetings is a community responsibility, providing valuable learning experiences and fostering team building, which helps to promote your career. If you are a science professional holding an advanced medical or doctoral degree and are active in scientific research, you may submit a proposal to organize a conference with FASEB.

FASEB SRCs are organized by leading biomedical researchers in their field. Conferences are organized to present and discuss new and innovative research in those areas undergoing rapid scientific advances. Conferences are held in both the U.S. and international locations.

The FASEB Science Research Conferences Advisory Committee reviews and selects conferences from submitted proposals. Organizers are not required to be affiliated with FASEB to submit a proposal. All conferences are scheduled two years in advance.

Organizers are responsible for assembling the scientific content of the conference. Upon conference acceptance by FASEB, full-time SRC staff assist organizers with sponsorship and conference logistics.

Join the FASEB SRC program and expand and shape the direction of research in your community.

Upcoming Proposal Application Deadlines

FASEB is no longer accepting conference proposal applications for the 2019 Science Research Conference Series.  The following applications have been received and will be reviewed by the Science Research Conference Advisory Committee in November.  Organizers will be notified of Proposal Decisions by mid-December.

  • 19-01    Matricellular Proteins
  • 19-02    Hematologic Malignancies
  • 19-03    Genetic Recombination & Genome Rearrangements
  • 19-04    Microbial Pathogenesis: Mechanisms of Infectious Disease
  • 19-05    Biology of Calpains in Health & Disease
  • 19-06    Mechanisms in Plant Development
  • 19-07    Smooth Muscle
  • 19-08    Ion Channel Regulations
  • 19-09    The Biology of Cilia and Flagella
  • 19-10    Lysophospholipid and Related Mediators - From Bench to Clinic
  • 19-11    From Unfolded Proteins in the ER to Disease
  • 19-12    IgE and Allergy
  • 19-13    Rapid Signaling and Genomic Steroid Hormone Actions in Health and Disease
  • 19-14    Gastrointestinal Tract XVII: Current Biology
  • 19-15    Regulation and Function of Small GTPases
  • 19-16    The Biology & Chemistry of Vision
  • 19-17    Molecular Mechanisms of Immune Cell Development and Function
  • 19-18    GH/ PRL Family in Biology and Disease
  • 19-19    Signal Transduction in the Immune System
  • 19-20    Mobile DNA in Mammalian Genome
  • 19-21    Helicases and Nucleic-Acid Based Machines
  • 19-22    Renal Hemodynamics: Recent Advances and New Frontiers
  • 19-23    NAD + Metabolism & Signaling
  • 19-24    AutoImmunity
  • 19-25    Regulation of Glucose Metabolism: from Cell Biology to Systems Physiology
  • 19-26    Protein Kinases and Protein Phosphorylation
  • 19-27    Protein Lipidation: Enzymology, Signaling and Therapeutics
  • 19-28    Intracellular RNA localization and Local Translation
  • 19-29    Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Dynamics in Health, Disease and Aging
  • 19-30    TGF-B Superfamily: Signaling in Development and Disease
  • 19-31    Protein Aggregation in Health and Disease
  • 19-32    Origins and Benefits of Biologically Active Components in Human Milk
  • 19-33    TITLE TO BE ANNOUNCED – Nephropathy topic
  • 19-34    Reversible Acetylation in Health and Disease

2020 Conferences submission deadline: Wednesday, September 26, 2018
2021 Conference submission deadline: Thursday, September 26, 2019

Applications should be submitted to the following email address SRCProposals@faseb.org.  Please write “Proposal Application” and the year of the proposed conference in the subject line of the email.