FASEB Joins “Raise the Caps” Campaign

November 15, 2017

During the week of November 13-17, Research!America launched a “Raise the Caps” Campaign, urging Congress to approve a bipartisan plan, to raise the spending caps before the end of the year. Raising the spending caps will allow for greater flexibility to increase federal funding for science. FASEB, along with ten science-focused partner organizations supported this initiative. Throughout the week, FASEB will be promoting posts via its Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages using the hashtag #RaiseTheCaps.

Research!America recommends three key actions to take part in this critical campaign, including calling, emailing and/or tweeting congressional representatives. FASEB encourages its societies, their individual members, and other scientific organizations to help highlight the importance of raising the spending caps to bolster research capacity. Additional information and promotional materials for this campaign can be found via Reasearch!America’s webpage. The FASEB Federal Funding Report and Brochure can also serve as a valuable resource.

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