FASEB Comments on HHS Strategic Plan

November 02, 2017

FASEB submitted comments in response to a request from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on its newly released draft five-year strategic plan. FASEB focused its comments on Strategic Goal 4: Foster Sound, Sustained Advances in the Sciences.

In its comments, FASEB drew upon several of its recent reports that could aid HHS in the refinement of the proposed strategic plan, goals, and objectives, in particular Objective 4.2: Expand the capacity of the scientific workforce and infrastructure to support innovative research.

Noting that this statement implied a desire to restrict research activities involving fetal tissue or embryonic stem cells, FASEB reiterated prior comments about the importance of researcher access to fetal tissue and embryonic stem cells in order to advance scientific discovery and health care applications.

Categories: Science Policy & Advocacy; Regulatory Burden and Research Administration; Training and Career Opportunities for Scientists;