FASEB President Urges Greater U.S. Investment in Science Research and Education

October 17, 2017

FASEB President, Tom Baldwin’s article titled “21st Century Investments in Science and Education will Ensure Our Ability to Compete,” was published via online political news publication, The Hill. Throughout the article, Baldwin cites numerous reasons on why now more than ever, the nation must turn its attention to investing resources in science research and education efforts. While, past national initiatives, including sustained funding to major research institutions, such as NIH and NSF, have propelled the U.S. as the leader in scientific innovation, other countries are forging ahead at increasing speed. In fact, Baldwin indicates that America is at a “crossroads,” and in order to continue as a top producer of scientific discovery, exemplified this year with eight of ten Nobel Prizes in science awarded to U.S. researchers,  decision makers must consider science funding and resources as a top priority. Read more.

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