Sixth Annual BioArt Competition Opens

July 11, 2017

The sixth annual BioArt competition, a celebration of the artistic side of scientific research, is now open for entries. Through the competition, FASEB aims to highlight the breadth of biomedical and life science studies, ranging from bacterial biofilms to organism development. The BioArt collection also depicts the wide variety of cutting-edge technologies employed by investigators. The deadline for submissions to this year’s BioArt competition is August 31.

FASEB invites participants to submit captivating, high-resolution images and videos produced as part of their cutting-edge life science research. This year’s cycle features a new category for 3D printing. Through this special focus, FASEB hopes to highlight the many applications of this technology in biological research. Images of 3D printed objects that use any type of “ink” – from plastic filaments to plaster, cells, and other substrates – are welcome.

The competition is open to members of FASEB societies as well as to other biomedical and life scientists who can demonstrate funding from a US federal agency. For more information on submitting entries, visit www.faseb.org/bioart.

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