Training and Career Opportunities Subcommittee

The goal of the standing subcommittee is to monitor and respond to legislative and policy issues related to the training and career development of graduate students, postdocs, and early career investigators in the biomedical sciences. The subcommittee also tracks and analyzes data on the biomedical workforce and develops and promotes training and career resources aimed at improving the training environment and preparing biomedical scientists for a wide range of careers.

Members of the subcommittee:

  • Louis Justement, PhD, Chair (AAI)
  • Joey Barnett, PhD (AAA,* ASPET, SDB)
  • Daniel Bernard, PhD (TES*)
  • Sylvia Christakos, PhD (ASBMR)  
  • Phil Clifford, PhD (APS)
  • Ben Dunn, PhD (APEPS*)
  • Steve Dworkin, PhD (ASPET*)
  • Joseph LaManna, PhD (AAA, APS)
  • Linda McManus, PhD (ASIP*)
  • Tom Pressley, PhD (APS*)
  • Daniel Raben, PhD (ASBMB*)
  • Lori Raetzman, PhD (SSR*)
  • Robert Sackstein, MD, PhD (SfG*)
  • Ann Stock, PhD (ASBMB*)
  • D. Rick Sumner, PhD (ASBMR*)
  • Graciela Unguez, PhD (SDB*)
  • Kristen Vella, PhD (TES*)
  • Derek Wainwright, PhD (AAA)
  • Lynn Wecker, PhD (ASPET*)
  • Gina Yosten, PhD (APS)
  • Yvette R. Seger, PhD (FASEB Staff Liaison)

*Designated society representative to subcommittee, SPC, or Board

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