Research Information Technology Subcommittee

The mission of the Research Information Technology (IT) Subcommittee is to represent the FASEB member societies on issues related to federal investment in research IT infrastructure and health and vital information access for the biomedical research community. Relevant activities for the subcommittee may include, but are not limited to, providing recommendations and feedback to federal science agencies and Congress on the IT needs of the biology research community, providing recommendations and feedback on the development and accessibility issues of the National Health Information Network, and ensuring and enhancing researcher access to existing federal and state health information and vital statistics registries.
  • Robert Robbins, PhD, Chair (GSA)
  • Judith Blake, PhD (ISCB*)
  • Richard Galbraith, MD, PhD (ASCI, AFMR)
  • Susanna Fletcher Greer, PhD (AAI*)
  • Ronald Hines, PhD (ASPET*)
  • Armand Krikorian, MD (AFMR*)
  • Terrence Ma, PhD (AAA*)
  • Ronald Margolis, PhD (TES*)
  • James Musser, MD, PhD (ASIP)
  • Tim O'Leary, MD, PhD (ASIP*)
  • Harel Weinstein, DSc (ISCB*)
  • William York, PhD (SfG*)
  • Bethany Drehman, PhD (Staff Liaison)

 *Designated society representative to subcommittee, SPC, or Board

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