Clinical and Translational Research Subcommittee

 The mission of the Clinical and Translational Research Subcommittee is to represent the FASEB member societies on policy issues related to clinical research. Relevant activities for this subcommittee may include, but are not limited to, training, funding, workforce and regulatory issues, and education of scientists and the public as they relate to clinical research. Policy statements and projects related to these issues may stem from the interests of subcommittee members or develop in response to relevant issues as they arise. The Clinical and Translational Research Subcommittee will work closely with other committees and subcommittees on issues that are important to the entire research enterprise, such as training and research funding.

Members of the subcommittee:

  • Richard Galbraith, MD, PhD Chair (ASCI, AFMR)
  • Gyorgy Abel, MD, PhD (AAI*)
  • Thomas Badger, PhD (ASN)
  • Richard S. Bockman, MD, PhD (ASBMR*)
  • Alan Buchman, MD (AFMR*)
  • Stanley Cohen, MD (ASIP*)
  • Paul Dechow, PhD (AAA*)
  • J. R. Haywood, PhD (APS*)
  • Suthat Liangpunsakul, MD, MPH, FACG (AFMR*)
  • Dennis Marshall, RN, MS, PhD (ASPET*)
  • Virginia Miller, PhD (APS)
  • Carrie Northcott, PhD (APS*)
  • Michael Portman, MD (APS)
  • Neda Rasouli, MD (AFMR*)
  • Daniel Remick, MD (ASIP*)
  • Jane Reusch, MD (TES, ASCI)
  • Peter Rubenstein, PhD (ASBMB)
  • Kathryn Schuff, MD (AFMR*)
  • Joelle N. Simpson, MD, MPH (AFMR*)
  • Corrine Kolka Welt, MD (TES*)
  • Yvette R. Seger, PhD (FASEB Staff Liaison)

*Designated society representative to subcommittee, SPC, or Board

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