FASEB MARC Program Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board Meeting 2009 Advisory Board Meeting 2009  Advisory Board Meeting

The FASEB MARC Program Advisory Board was founded in Tucson, Arizona in September 2000 at an evaluation forum for the FASEB MARC Program.

Role, Mission and Purpose:  The primary goal of the FASEB MARC Program is to provide resources and access to programs, training opportunities and services that will help prepare underrepresented minorities for entry into and participation in careers in research in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. The program focuses on increasing participation by African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos and Native Americans, but the Program is not limited to those four groups and provisions are made to include others as appropriate. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to assist the FASEB MARC Program in developing, promoting, and revitalizing existing programs and to provide ideas for and input on proposed programs from the perspective of the users of the program.

FASEB MARC Program Advisory Board Members

Representing the Diversity/Minority Affairs Interests of the
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

Ms. Earnestine Baker
The University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Dr. Ida Chow
Society for Development Biology
Society:  SDB
Dr. Cheryl Gardner
Meridian Solutions, Inc.
Term:  Program Evaluator
Dr. Georges Haddad
Howard University
Society:  APS, ASPET
Dr. Sunny Ohia
Texas Southern University
Society:  ASPET
Dr. Ken Pepion
Fort Lewis College
Dr. Jayne Reuben
University of South Carolina School of Medicine - Greenville 
Society:  AAI, APS, ASPET
Dr. Eduardo Rosa-Molinar
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
Society: AAA, SDB
Dr. Thomas Smith
Howard University
Society:  ASBMB
Dr. Mark Sobel
American Society for Investigative Pathology
Society:  ASIP
Dr. Guy Fogleman (FASEB)
Principal Investigator

Ms. Jacquelyn Roberts (FASEB)
Society:  ACSM




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The FASEB MARC Program is funded by two grants from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health.  [T36-GM08059 and T36-GM08637]


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