About FASEB BioAdvances

FASEB BioAdvances is an international open-access journal of FASEB published in partnership with John Wiley and Sons. FASEB BioAdvances serves the global bioscience community by providing a vehicle for publishing well-designed and executed original research, review, and hypothesis papers, as well as reports on the replication of other published work—regardless of perceived or anticipated citation “impact.” Published articles must be of credible design and sound science.

The following article types are considered:

  • Original research articles
  • Review articles
  • Hypothesis articles
  • Methods articles
  • Articles reporting negative results
  • Reproducibility reports that attempt to replicate methods or results from other studies. These papers will be considered for publication based on the validity and integrity of the science regardless of outcome(s).

Meet the Editor

Jasna Markovac is trained as a researcher in life science, with a PhD in Genetics, and has been involved with research in cell/molecular biology and neuroscience, as well as in medical education. After several years in academics, she changed careers to join the scientific publishing industry, working in various capacities, including management of journal portfolios and journal editorial offices. Jasna left commercial publishing in 2007 and returned to academia, to her alma mater, the University of Michigan Medical School. She now has an academic appointment at CalTech in the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering. In addition to her scientific interests, Jasna is committed to finding more effective ways of fostering the broad-based dissemination of scholarship.


FASEB BioAdvances publishes original, multi/transdisciplinary biomedical research from the international community. Published articles are complete reports judged to be of proper design and execution regardless of results or perceived impact or priority. In addition to reports of new findings, the journal considers articles with confirmatory results.

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