Genetics Society of America

Founded in 1931, the Genetics Society of America (GSA) promotes scholarly research in its journals, GENETICS (with over 850,000 available advertising impressions per month) and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics (with over 100,000 available advertising impressions per month.  It also reaches its members and attendees through its scientific meetings, focused on key model organisms widely used in genetics research.  These venues reach a broad audience of geneticists, most either decision makers or influencers.  And, the GSA e-news, a bi-weekly online e-Newsletter and printed newsletter, reaches the over 5,000 members directly.

Mission Statement

The GSA seeks to foster a unified science of genetics and to maximize its intellectual and practical impact. The purposes of the Society are:

1) to facilitate communication between geneticists

2) to promote research that will bring new discoveries in genetics

3) to foster the training of the next generation of geneticists so they can effectively respond to the opportunities provided by our discoveries and the challenges posed by them, and

4) to educate the public and their government representatives about advances in genetics and the consequences to individuals and to society.

The GSA endeavors to be the collective voice of its members on subjects where a deep knowledge of genetics and biological science is critically important.

Quick Facts

  • The membership includes nearly 5,000 scientists and educators interested in the field of genetics.
  • Members range from researchers, scientists, teachers, bioengineers, bioinformaticians, and geneticists in

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