Journal Statistics

In 2013, we had 3.3 million site visits (up from 3 million in 2012) from ~1.7 million individuals who spent an average of 2.2 minutes on the site. The country with the single highest number of visitors in 2013 was the United States, with ~721,000, followed by China with 397,000 and India with 268,000. A third of the visitors were in the 25-34 age demographic, and the male/female ratio was 54%/46%. When viewed by continent, Asia had the highest usage, with over a million visits. Here is a breakdown of 2013 pageviews by continent:


Traffic Sources

The majority (70%) of site traffic comes through generic Google searches. Below is a breakdown of site traffic by entry source. The first term is the source, and the second refers to the medium. Possible media include “organic” (unpaid search), “cpc” (cost per click, i.e., paid search), “referral” (referral), and “none” (direct visits have a medium of “none”). The (direct)/(none) entry includes links that are not recognized by Google Analytics, such as bookmarks or links found in eTOCs and PaP alerts. This is the first year that an image-based search engine (Imgur) has made the list.

Mobile Access

Since launching the mobile-optimized journal site in October 2011, there have been over 125,000 pageviews via mobile device. According to Google Analytics, iPad users accounted for the vast majority of visits. iPad users interact with the regular online journal site rather than the mobile-optimized site. Tablet and smartphone users are redirected to the mobile site.