Current Developments in Nutrition - NEW JOURNAL

Current Developments in Nutrition (CDN) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that strives to briskly review, publish, and disseminate high-quality research in nutritional sciences. CDN offers extra value to authors and readers by providing:

  • A broad scope encompassing the breadth of nutrition research
  • A simple submission process
  • A rapid review process (in most cases, limited to one revision)
  • Alternative article-level metrics (using Altmetrics)
  • Means for authors to collaborate, share data, and share information about their published works on scholarly collaboration networks
  • Accelerated dissemination: articles will be published online as soon as they are accepted and will be made immediately available to the global research community
  • Publishing innovation—CDN will provide a platform for publishing innovation, to attentively serve the needs of authors and readers, and advance the scholarship of nutritional sciences

For more information about CDN, please visit the journal website.

Statement of Scope

CDN adds many new areas of content to the portfolio offered by ASN journals (see selected list below). The scope of CDN, includes multiple animal species and ranges from deep, mechanistic studies at molecular/biochemical and cellular levels to whole-body metabolism, clinical health, fitness, and population health. This breadth directly supports ASN’s translational nutrition mission to extend knowledge through basic, multidisciplinary, and clinical research to improve public health and clinical practice worldwide. Areas of new and added emphasis include: food and nutrition policy; eating behavior and qualitative assessments; implementation science and intervention program methods and outcomes; evaluation/validation studies of dietary/nutrition methods; human food and animal feed composition; agricultural and food-system methods affecting nutritional value; processing, packaging, and storage effects on nutritional value; animal nutrition (e.g., agricultural and companion animals and aquaculture); nutrition education; nutrition and exercise physiology. The journal also welcomes research manuscript submissions on the topics identified as key research priorities by the ASN Nutrition Research Needs working group(1):

  • Variability in individual responses to diet and foods
  • The impact of nutrition throughout the life cycle, including on healthy growth, development, and reproduction
  • Understanding the role of nutrition in medical nutrition therapy
  • Understanding the role of nutrition in disease prevention
  • Understanding nutrition-related behaviors
  • Understanding the impact of food supply and food environment.

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