File Submission Instructions


Online Ads

Submit your ad via our File Submission Form.  Please remember the following:
  • File Size - no larger than 25k and at least 72 dpi
  • File Type - gif is recommended - if file is an animated file, please limit it to 3 rotating frames (most journal ad placements do not accept flash at this time)
  • Provide the URL to which it should be linked
  • Provide ALT Text (5 words max) for those who have image-load turned off
  • Standard leaderboard ad sizes of 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high and skyscraper ad sizes of 160 pixels wide by 600 pixels high are acceptable.

Email Ads

Please follow instructions above but note:
  • Some browsers/email clients do not support animated GIFs - we recommend a static banner to ensure the entire advertising message is seen by the email recipient.

Inline/Premium Ads

Please follow instructions above but also include:
  • Send the company name exactly as it should be matched in the articles and the URL to which the name should be linked.

Mobile Ads

Please follow instructions above and note the following:

  • 288 pixels wide x 50 pixels high
  • PNG file format
  • Single sponsorship (no rotation)
  • Placed on the bottom of all pages

Print Ads

Submit your ad via our File Submission Form.  Before submitting, please keep the following in mind:

  • Build pages to trim size of publication
  • Extend bleeds 1/8” beyond trim
  • Convert all RGB color to CMYK
  • Submit all elements at 100%
  • DO NOT nest EPS files into other EPS files
  • Include all fonts used in any graphics
  • DO NOT stylize fonts, No TrueType fonts accepted
  • DO NOT USE Mac system fonts (Chicago, Geneva, etc.) or Microsoft Outlook fonts (Tahoma, Impact, etc.)
  • Four-color solids should not exceed SWOP density of 280%, maximum of 300%
  • If submitting postscript files embed all fonts
  • If submitting application files include all elements of the file (fonts, images/scans, logos/artwork)
  • When using Freehand or Illustrator, convert all fonts to outlines or paths
  • If trapping is applied, we recommend at least default of .25pt
  • Identify spot/custom colors as ‘SPOT’ or ‘PROCESS’ depending on desired result
  • Line art should be 1pt or heavier
  • Images and logos from Web sites are NOT usable for print ads

Hard Copy and Color Proofs

Final approved hard copy (proofs) needs to accompany all submitted digital files. Whether submitting negs, digital files or electronically sending (ftp or email) you MUST send a color proof for color ads and a black and white proof or hard copy (fax is ok for b/w) for b/w ads.  AdNet and the publisher will not take responsibility for ads that do not turn out correctly if proofs were not supplied.

Please note: for best quality color ads, iris proofs (digital color proofs) must be supplied. A color laser print out will not correctly duplicate press colors. AdNet and the publisher will not be responsible for errors in color printing if color iris proofs are not supplied.

We support Iris-Realist digital proofing requests. Supply hard copy of files when requesting Iris proofs. Kodak Approval, Iris, Rainbow, DuPont Waterproof, Matchprint, PressMatch, Chromalin are accepted color proofs. If supplying color lasers, note that press inks will not match (see Important Note above). All proofs must be 100%. The color calibration standard printer conforms to SWOP Standard Specifications.

Contact Us with Questions:

Please use our Contact AdNet form to reach AdNet's Advertising Coordinator.  She is also available by phone at 800.43.FASEB, ext. 7117 or directly at 301.634.7117

Insertion orders can be faxed to: 301.634.7153