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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of images can I submit?

FASEB is looking for any visually compelling images produced during the course of daily research activities (e.g., electron microscopy, fluorescent microscopy, medical/anatomical illustrations, x-ray crystallography, histology, gel electrophoresis, digital data representations, etc.).

None of last years’ winning images used the imaging technique would like to use. Should I still submit my image to FASEB’s BioArt competition?

Yes; if your image fits the criteria described on the website, please submit it. Researchers in any biomedical or biological field producing any type of visually compelling images or videos are encouraged to participate. We want to share the large spectrum of research with the public, so the greater variety, the better!

What types of videos can I submit?

Any video that is created as part of daily research activities or to illustrate research results can be submitted (e.g., chemotaxis, time-lapse photography, cultured cardiac cells “beating,” enzymatic activity animations, etc.).

How will I know if my video or image has been selected as a winner?

FASEB will notify all entrants by email once judging is completed.

My image or video was selected as a winner. Now what?

First of all, congratulations! Science engagement is an important part of the scientific enterprise, so we encourage winners to include the competition on their CV and grant progress reports, as well as share it with their institution’s press office and local media.

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